Social Support.

We help you stay connected with your family and community.

Choose service combinations to suit your needs.

Our team can take you on social outings, you may have a favourite cultural or sporting event you would like to go to, or see a movie, or attend a function. 

Shopping is easier when you have us as a companion to take you, we can even go to a café with you and enjoy a chat. 

We can be your support by taking you into your medical appointments. 

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Our Social Support services include:

Our Social Activities and Outings.

Each month we have so many fun & exciting activities available for our clients. See below a list of our favourite activities that might peak your interest!  

Bus Trips.

Explore Brisbane and surrounds with our small group bus tours every month! Whether you love nature, art or historic attractions, our bus trips offer something for everyone, promoting social connectivity.

Long Lunches.

Are you a foodie? Join our monthly long lunch group and enjoy relaxed lunches at local cafes and restaurants with old and new friends.


Join our fun and interactive fortnightly workshop designed to increase your coordination and keeping the brain active. Brain exercise provides a simple way to improve your memory in a fun social environment whilst enjoying some morning tea.

IT Lessons​.

We run intimate IT lessons with an expert trainer from IT4Retirees to help you develop your digital skills which in turn develops your independence and builds your confidence in navigating the online world.

Grandfriends Program​​.

Create special connections via our Grandfriends Intergenerational Program by interacting with kindergarten aged children at a local daycare center. The program encourages bonding between both generations and improves cross age sensitivity and respect.

Wellness Education Sessions.

Every month, we invite organisations such as Queensland Police Service, Dementia Australia and State Emergency Services (SES) to deliver engaging presentations to our clients to empower and support our community.

Online Community Connections Program.

Our online community connections program is a place where our clients can get together digitally, make new connections, learn new skills and find enjoyment in online activities. We run programs such as IT lessons, Brainasize, chair yoga, book club and exercise classes, all done online! Discover more here.

Arts & Craft.

Our arts and craft program brings together our clients with a creative flair. Each fortnight, we work on a new project or continue an existing project. Clients are also welcome to bring in their unfinished projects whilst socialising with old and new friends over morning tea.

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How much does it Cost?

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you with identifying the best way to maximise your government funding to meet your individual care needs – no matter your financial situation. Simply give one of our friendly contact team a call.

We are committed to helping older Australians live at home happily and safely. Sound like the team for you? Get in touch today to discuss your home care options and services.

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How do I access these services?

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you with this. We speak to Queenslanders everyday about how to get the best care and services for their individual needs. 

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