Patrick’s Referral Success Story

October 24, 2023

This referral story is about Patrick, an 87-year-old Australian who finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. His days are adorned with quality time spent with his daughter, occasional outings, and the unwavering companionship of his beloved pet dog.

Discovering Sapphire Living through a Referral from his Trusted Freinds

Patrick’s referral journey with Sapphire Living began with the recommendation of trusted friends who shared his values.

Dissatisfied with his previous Home Care Package Provider, he turned to his close friends, Rosina and Geoffrey, for guidance.

It was Rosina and Geoffrey who introduced Patrick to Sapphire Living, a decision that would soon make a significant difference in his life. Their unwavering friendship and shared experiences made Patrick trust their advice wholeheartedly.

Patrick, Rosina, and Geoffrey share a deep bond that transcends the years. They spend quality time together every week and reside in the same close-knit community.

Patrick’s trust in their referral was a testament to the strength of their friendship. Their referral to Sapphire Living carried with it the weight of shared experiences and a mutual desire for the best in life.

The Sapphire Living Experience

Patrick’s decision to switch to Sapphire Living was driven by his desire for reliable assistance and support. His experience with Sapphire Living has been nothing short of positive. He values the people on the support team who have made a significant impact on his daily life. In Patrick’s own words, “It’s a big improvement from my previous provider.”

What brings Patrick the most comfort is knowing that he can count on Sapphire Living for help whenever he needs it. From domestic assistance to gardening services, Patrick’s needs are met with professionalism and care. His dedicated Care Manager is a constant source of support, always ready to lend a helping hand.

A Better Life with Sapphire Living

Patrick wanted reliable help, and that’s why he switched to Sapphire Living. So far, Patrick’s experience with Sapphire Living has been second to none! He likes the people on the support team. In his words, “It’s a big improvement from my previous provider.”

One of the key elements that sets Sapphire Living apart in Patrick’s eyes is the people on the support team. The care, compassion, and professionalism of the team have made a significant impact on his life. This personal connection has created a sense of trust and comfort, a feeling that he is in capable hands. The relationship between a client and their care team is often at the core of a positive care experience, and for Patrick, Sapphire Living has excelled in this regard.

He’s glad that he can count on them for help when he needs it. He has services from domestic assistance to gardening and he has great comfort in knowing that his Care Manager is always there to help and support. For Patrick, this change has made his life better, and he’s thankful for the peace of mind it brings.

Inspired to spread care and joy?

If Patrick’s referral story resonates with you and you’re looking to make a positive change in the lives of your loved ones, neighbours, or friends, consider joining our Refer a Friend Program.

By referring a friend to Sapphire Living, you get rewarded for helping others experience guaranteed quality services with their Home Care Package.

When you refer a friend or family member to Sapphire Living, both you and the person you refer can earn an extra $150 in your Home Care Package account.

You have two options for making a referral. If you’re already a Sapphire Living client, just have a chat with your Care Manager about your friend’s interest in joining.

Alternatively, if you know someone currently receiving care from Sapphire Living and they desire similar quality care and services, give our Care Expert team a call.

For more information about our Refer a Friend Program and the benefits it offers, feel free to get in touch with a Care Expert at 1800 773 722.

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